Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief (2010) – Revisited

Before I brave Sea of Monsters, I thought I might give the first Percy Jackson film another go to see if it’s still rubbish. Here’s what I thought this time around…


Review: The Way Way Back (2013)

In a year brimming with excellent coming-of-age films, where does The Way, Way Back – the latest effort from the men who brought us 2011’s The Descendants – fit in? Here’s my ★★★½ review.

Classic Movies: Shivers (1975)

Rampant sex, vicious horror and scathing social commentary… it must be a classic Cronenberg film! Is Shivers still a classic of the body-horror genre? Here’s my ★★★★ review.

Review: Trance (2013)

In the wake of his marvellous Olympic opening ceremony, does “national treasure” Danny Boyle’s return to cinema live up to everyone’s huge expectations? Here’s my ★★★ review.

TV Review: Doctor Who – The Day of the Doctor

My ★★★ review of The Day of the Doctor, the most anticipated episode in Doctor Who‘s 50 year history; was it able to meet the colossal expectations of this dedicated Whovian?

Celebrating 50 Years of Doctor Who

In anticipation of The Day of the Doctor, here’s a brief but loving celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who from an unashamed Whovian.

Review: No (2013)

Hot off the back of the recent Chilean elections here’s my review of No, the Pablo Larraín film about the “No” campaign in the 1988 Chilean National Plebiscite. Here’s my ★★★½ review.

Classic Movies: The Thing (1982)

In light of last week’s re-assessment of The Fog, I turn my attention to another John Carpenter classic – The Thing – to see if it too can survive the test of time.

Review: Mud (2013)

In a year already dominated by great “coming-of-age” cinema, is there really any room for Jeff Nichols’ tale of two boys’ quest to help a wanted man in backwater America? Let’s take a look…

The Hunger Games (2012) – Revisited

With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire just days away, I take another look at the first film in the series & ask if it still holds up to scrutiny.

Classic Movies: The Fog (1980)

A reassessment of John Carpenter’s 1980 cult horror classic, The Fog, starring Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis & Janet Leigh.

The Bechdel Test ≠ Feminism

As four Swedish cinemas introduce a new “Bechdel Test” rating, I examine the test’s failure to tackle sexism & promote gender equality in mainstream cinema.

Review: How I Live Now (2013)

My ★★½ review of How I Live Now, the ambitious but hopelessly muddled adaptation from director Kevin Macdonald.

The Remake Nobody Wanted…

A re-introduction to the blog that no-one ever read anyway.