A(nother) Brief Hiatus

So I’ve been thinking, which is invariably a dangerous thing to do.

Anyway, so I came to the conclusion recently that my heart just isn’t in reviewing right now. I dunno what it is. Maybe I’m just jaded by cinema. Maybe the thought of devoting two+ hours at a time to a piece of writing I’m rarely happy with is doing my head in. Whatever the situation, I’m just not getting any enjoyment from writing at the moment. So, in order to prevent me falling out of love with it completely, I’m taking a break. I’ll still watch films, I’ll still log them on Letterboxd, and I’ll still write the occasional review for EQView (I have a review of Selma to be published in the near future, for example) but for now, I’m taking a break from the blog. It might only be for a week. It might be for a month. It might be longer. I don’t know. I just gotta take some time to, y’know, watch films and start enjoying them again, without the constant need to write everything down and make life difficult for myself.

For now though, thanks to everyone who’s supported the blog over the past 18 months, and I’m sure I’ll be back sooner rather than later… if only because I can’t sanction the idea that The Gambler is the last film I reviewed!